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WATCH: Ana Navarro Comes UNGLUED During Heated Debate; “Racist, Racist, Racism, Racism, Racism!!!”

CNN loves to spew the propaganda that Trump and all of his supporters are “racist”, so it’s no surprise to see the liberal panel losing their ever-loving minds when someone comes on the network and challenges that notion.

During a hearted debate on Monday night, CNN guest Steve Cortes said that there is not “a scintilla of evidence” that Trump is a racist, and that obviously triggered the absolute hell out of his co-debators. This comment triggered the liberals on the CNN panel to become very uncomfortable, and it even led to leftist Ana Navarro to scream “Racist, racist, racist, racism, racism, racism” towards the end of the segment.

It all got started when Democratic strategist Bakari Sellers said that there aren’t any “self-respecting African Americans”, who want to work for Trump

“I don’t know any qualified, self-respecting African-Americans who want to go work for this White House at this point,” said Sellers.

“You’re working for the equivalent of what many of us believe to be a George Wallace with the dog whistles that he uses,” he added.

Steve Cortes then fought back in epic fashion.

“There is not a scintilla of evidence that this president is a racist,” said Cortes. “And just because you say it every time you’re on CNN and just because this show says it every single night doesn’t make it true. And all he has done is make life better for minorities.”

“Black approval of President Trump has doubled. Hispanic approval is up to 35 percent. If he continues to that well among minorities, by the way, the 2020 election is a slam-dunk,” said Cortes, citing the NAACP study.

Watch this insane interview below (Ana Navarro’s ridiculous rant comes in towards the end of the video):

Then, Ana Navarro stepped in to defend her liberal counterpart and then things got out of hand. She eloquently stated that Trump is “a bigot and a misogynist and a hypocrite and a racist.”

“The more you guys shout ‘racism,’ by the way, the better we’re actually doing on the ground,” said Cortes in response to Navarro.

Navarro then hysterically shouted “Racist, racist, racist, racism, racism, racism” in response.

This, my friends, is the classic debate tactic of the left. All they do is shout “RACIST!” and they think they’re getting a point across.

After the intense debate on the Fake News Network (also known as CNN), Cortes went on Twitter to share the inconvenient facts for any liberals who still think Trump is a racist:

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