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Trump Takes Away Democrat ‘Holy Grail’ – The Red Wave Just Doubled

Obama cannot believe what Donald just took from him.

For most of this year, the Democrats have been predicting a “Blue Wave” this November.

We’re not sure why. Over the last two years, the Democrats have done nothing but obstruct progress, lie, and riot.

But, according to bogus polls, Democrats claim they will retake the government.

They don’t understand that Trump is not just winning for Trump supporters. He is winning for all Americans, especially the ones Democrats thought they “owned.”

New polls show the Left is in bigger trouble than they thought for the midterms. Early signs are showing a Red Wave coming.

And one group’s support, one Democrats thought was their ‘holy grail,’ and would win them every election, will spell the Left’s doom.

From The National Sentinel:

Once upon a time, Democrats could count on nearly universal support from black voters. But then something happened: Donald Trump.

A new survey from Rasmussen Reports less than a week before crucial midterm elections on Nov. 6 show black support for POTUS at an all-time high for any Republican president at 25 percent.

Overall, the president’s approval rating is 50 percent, or six points higher than his corrupt predecessor, Barack Obama, at the same period in his miserable first term.

According to the poll, 25% of black voters strongly approve of the president. Those who approve overall is even higher.

Those numbers are unheard of. Republican leaders—even presidents—rarely get black approval in the double digits.

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For Trump to get the support of over a quarter of black voters spells very real trouble for Democrats. Obama thought he had locked them up years ago.

They historically need 85% of the black vote to win big elections, and they’re down to 75% now.

Keep in mind, the fake news calls Trump a racist 24/7. Yet millions of black Americans are waking up to the fact that Trump is helping them and their families.

Something Democrats haven’t done for black people in decades.

The Blexit movement is very real, especially among young black Americans. Black voters are leaving the Democratic Party for good, just as a crucial election is happening.

There is a good chance we see a more than a red wave next week – a red TSUNAMI may be coming.

Do you think the Red Tsunami is real? Are you going to flood the polls for the GOP?

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