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POLL: Is Chuck Schumer A Disgrace?

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Years of being in Congress have taught Sen. Chuck Schumer how to play the game. He’s the definition of a politician — and he’s a disgrace.

Schumer has served in his seat for two decades, but the New York Democrat hasn’t exactly been consistent in his political record. In fact, you could conceivably splice together a video of Chuck Schumer arguing with himself just by pulling together clips that were recorded decades apart.

Indeed, Chuck Schumer doesn’t even believe what Chuck Schumer is saying.

His body language in his recent Oval Office meeting with President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was a dead giveaway. He was slouchy, he avoided looking Trump directly in the eye, and he insisted on a private debate instead of an open conversation.

Instead of confronting the president directly, he insisted on insulting him with weak jabs. (Apparently, Chuck isn’t comfortable with publicly supporting open borders yet.)

But Schumer is not arguing in good faith. He doesn’t actually believe that border security is possible without a wall.

If he did, he wouldn’t want to avoid a transparent discussion.

It’s pretty obvious what Chuck is up to. He’s pandering to his party and trying to save face after he helped force an embarrassing shutdown over DACA last year.

Put simply, Schumer won’t be forthright about his actual position on immigration — and he’s not willing to negotiate a fair, bipartisan deal.

Schumer’s “common sense” compromise comprises only what his party wants. His position is clear: Trump isn’t getting a border wall, plain and simple.

Schumer wants to look like the reasonable one, but he is the one being aggressive and dishonest in the negotiation.

For all his talk about Trump throwing a tantrum, Schumer is the one being a bully. He is truly a disgrace.

POLL: Is Chuck Schumer A Disgrace?

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