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HERE WE GO: Pelosi, House Democrats Block Veterans’ Health Care Bill

While Nancy Pelosi tries to make President Trump look like some kind of heartless monster for shutting down the government over funding for the border wall, it’s nothing new for her this year. In point of fact, shutting down the government briefly or even for an extended period hurts no one as all pay is retroactive, etc. This is partisan politics at its worst.

Remember back in March and in June? We were facing a shutdown then as well and House Democrats wanted to block a veterans’ health care bill. They used the government shutdown as a reason to punt the bill. It’s predictable and it’s just wrong. This is the kind of sneaky, underhanded crap we have to look forward to as the Dems take control of the House next month.

The Democrats have lurched severely left and they don’t care about our veterans or military. The left hates Trump so much they would deny severely needed health care to our veterans via the Caring for Our Veterans Act. That’s just disgraceful.

Democratic leaders sent a letter to rank-and-file members Tuesday urging them to block the three-bill spending bundle, H.R. 5895 (115) — which would mean rejecting funding for popular programs like Veterans Affairs and the Army Corps of Engineers — to gain leverage in future funding fights.

“The GOP minibus package on the floor this week is partisan, wrong-headed and dangerous,” Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and her deputies wrote in a letter obtained by POLITICO. “House Democrats must stand together once again, to fight for the priorities that matter in the lives of the American people.”

The Democratic leaders’ decision to lock arms against three usually noncontroversial spending bills threatens to put a chokehold on the GOP’s spending strategy this year. They’re attempting a redo of last year’s spending strategy, which forced House GOP leaders into painful negotiations with their divided caucus to put up the 218 votes for spending bills themselves.

So, the revenge-House that is about to come into power wants to throw veterans under the bus over health care just to spite Trump. The House holds the purse strings and now there is little chance that the bill will become a reality. Hundreds of thousands of veterans will be affected by this. Americans are furious about it.

I’m not surprised because once the Dems take the House next month, nothing will get through except leftist deals… read Marxist. Our veterans will be left waiting for health care that may never come and they will die because of it. That blood will be all over the Democrats’ hands and they won’t care.

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