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Barack Obama’s African Brother Drops BOMBSHELL, He’s Completely HUMILIATED

Barack Obama can only run from his past for so long. And now that he’s out of the White House, he no longer has the resource of the US government to help him cover up the truth.

Helping bring the truth to light is Obama’s older brother, Malik Obama.

In a devastating interview, Malik unmasked Barack as “dishonest” and a “schemer.”

Before he became president, the rest of the Obama clan in Kenya thought Barack was a good guy.

But after he took the White House, “his real character, his real personality, the real him, came out,” said Malik.

Malik said he and the rest of the family put on a “good face,” but in reality were enormously disappointed with and hurt by Barack.

One incident in particular stuck out from the interview.

During Obama’s time in office, Malik and their aunt, Zeituni, visited several times. But Barack always made them feel unwelcome.

During one of those visit to the US, Aunt Zeituni died. Malik appealed to Barack for money to help fly her home and bury her.

But he refused.

“I told him that she’s our aunt, she’s your father’s sister, she loved you very much and we need to do something for her,” said Malik. “We need around twenty thousand dollars and he said that was too much and that it seemed like she deserved what she got. And I was saying in my mind, ‘what kind of person is this?’”

Now, let that sink in.

Barack Obama opened America’s borders and its wealth to illegal aliens from Mexico and elsewhere. But he refused to give of his own personal wealth when foreign family members were in need.

He is a hypocrite and a deceiver.

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